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Monday, September 05, 2005

Sean, The Vest Goes UNDER Your Shirt...

Well, Whaddya Expect From An Actor?

After I got done giggling about Sean Penn's leaky 'rescue' boat, I took another look at the picture that's making the rounds. Damn if he's not wearing body armor over his t-shirt. Take a peek:

Boy, Sean, that sure sends a message about trust in your fellow man. Surely they wouldn't shoot YOU! After all, you're a liberal Democrat, there to lend a hand! And you played a man on Death Row! In Louisiana! You're one of them!

FWIW, I don't fault Penn for wanting to lend a hand. That in itself is admirable. However, turning it into a photo op and the message that exposed vest sends just makes you look like a tool.

Leave the entourage back at the hotel, dude. In fact, you stay at the hotel as well, and lend your boat to some experienced rescue personnel. Give 'em that vest, too. Their job is to go in harm's way. Do what YOU do best, which is get in front of a camera and deliver a stirring message of hope to the survivors, and a plea to America for donations.