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Friday, September 16, 2005

All Good Things...

Well, This Certainly Sucks...

Got up to do my early morning blog scan, and saw this joyous piece of news on Kim du Toit's site:

I can only surmise that Kim's new job had a "No Blogging" policy. Still, that doesn't explain everything. The Nation of Riflemen Forum hosted on the site wouldn't necessarily be covered under that sort of employment contract, and definitely the Mrs. can't (and shouldn't) be muzzled by Kim's paymasters.

Sigh. Another one gone. I don't mind so much when the crappy blogs take a powder, but lately, it's been some of the good ones. This sucks. Damn, I can't even go to the range and toss some rounds downrange to blow off steam. Gotta go to work. I'll just be perpetuating the stereotype of the surly government employee all day now...

Best of luck to the du Toit clan. Hope things work out. I will miss reading your site daily!