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Friday, April 28, 2006

Comment Spam! I Got Comment Spam!!

Ahhh... Finally, I'm A True Blogger...

Checked my email this morning to find this wonderful message:

The Second Amendment means nothing outside of hunting.

Our forefathers gave us that right to fend off a military takeover in the U.S. - by either the left or the right.

Apparently, since most gun owners are far right they didn't see fit to fight the far right takeover so here we are. On the verge of martial law.

You'll imitate your German counterparts of 70 years ago. You'll allow them to take away any weapon that gives you parity with the military. You know you barely made a peep when the Brady Bill took away your assault rifles, which is what you'll need to effectively combat troops.

What a bunch of cowards, and what a sore disgrace you are to our forefathers who gave their blood for the likes of you.

In Jesus' Glorious and Holy name,
Dean Berry -- Real American
(Link & email addy redacted, he ain't gettin' traffic from me...)

Now, normally, I'd just think this was a random driveby from someone who'd been hitting the Jesus Juice a bit hard, but the comment in no way matches the post it was left on, so I'm thinking we've got some Grade-Z spammage!

Now... to just delete it, or to go do some creative editing???