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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Ears Are MINE!!!

No Mothers Allowed Near The Bunny!

Bought myself a chocolate bunny this morning. On sale at half-price at the Walgreens. Solid bunny, too, none of this hollow rabbit BS!! Kinda funny how you reach a certain age, and chocolate bunnies no longer mysteriously appear on Easter morning...

Mom always exacted a toll before we kids could start our individual celebrations of Jesus's resurrection via overconsumption of sugary treats. She always managed to pluck the ears of the bunnies. Even when Dad would get her her own chocolate rabbit, she'd eat the ears off of ours.

Once when I was in college, I received an easter care package. Got some marshmallow Peeps, some jellybeans & malted milk eggs, and of course a chocolate bunny. The ears had been pre-removed, of course, along with a generous portion of the head. Guess the toll increases to cover postage.

Well, this rabbit's mine! And by the way, Mom?? I ATE THE EARS FIRST!!! HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!

UPDATE: Though I tried to resist the urge, I have just consumed the entire 6 ounce rabbit. I now have enough sugar in my bloodstream that my blood's the consistency of maple syrup, and can give a vampire immediate sugar-shock. I think my brain is buzzing at such a rate I can bend spoons with my mind...

I haven't even opened the Cadbury Egg yet... someone stop me...

UPDATE #2: Gahhh! Too late!!! Easter Bunny's got my soul! Easter Bunny's got my soulllll!!!!!!