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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tricks Of The Trade

FSM Knows I've Heard Most Of These...

Mostly Cajun has a great post up about the special selling terms you'll see at gun shows or from trade magazines and/or online gun auctions. I often wonder why some gun dealers aren't held in the same high regard we reserve for personal injury attorneys and used car salesmen...

Here's a few of my favorites from his post...

Stock has the usual dings - yeah, and face of the moon has the usual dings too.

The wood has a warm hue - because it was in a fire.

Locks up solid - this gun is rusted shut.

Bore is shiny - none of that nasty rifling remains to spoil the smoothness of this bore.

Unissued - even the soldiers of the third-world country they came from refused to carry them.

Has a strong action - translation: “You’ll need a couple of friends to get the bolt on this rust bucket open”.

Double heat treated - this was also in a fire.

Free floating barrel - the screws that hold the barrel in are missing.

Go check out the rest!

Oh, gotta add a few of my own... (based on actual experiences)

Heirloom Quality - "I loved my grandpappy so much I must ask $600 for his old clapped-out single shot 20 gauge shotgun."

Custom Finish - "That ol' Winchester Model 97 trench broom with ordnance stamps and heat shield was just gathering dust. Looks purty with that new Armalloy finish, don't it?"

As Seen On TV! - "OK, so you'll never find a magazine for it, but damn, didn't Don Johnson pop some bad guys on Miami Vice with a Bren Ten just like this one! Only $1200 if you pay cash!"

Extremely Rare! - "Recall? I don't know nothing 'bout no recall on this here Vector 9mm!"