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Thursday, June 22, 2006

El Capitan's New Ride

Looks Like The Austin Blogshoot Is A Go!

Found a bargain that I just couldn't walk away from last night. I went to a dealership looking for a Dodge Ram pickup, came out with a nice red Ford F-150 4x4 pickup. It seems buying red trucks is popular these days!

I've never been much of a Ford fan. Flirted with a '71 Mustang way back in the 80's, but never bought it. I had a '76 Ford Ranchero with an insanely large engine very briefly in the early 90's, but swapped it to Dad for a couple of weeks to let him move some stuff in it. It came to an ignominious end when my sister "borrowed" it and ran it under a parked semi one dark & stormy night. (She's OK, thanks for asking. Closest I ever came to premeditated murder, though...)

All the Dodge Rams I looked at in my price range either had too many miles, or too many issues that I'd have to deal with for the next 3-5 years. So, the Ford came out as the best vehicle I found, after a frantic online search that lasted too many late nights. It's actually roomier than the Dodge Rams, which I didn't expect.

My mechanic gave it a thumbs-up, provided I keep up the regular maintenance, which is always a good idea. The CarFax VIN report came back clean, and when compared to similar trucks for sale in a 50 mile radius of Houston, we got a pretty good bargain. Naturally, the dealer made a better one, I'm sure. Those guys always do.

So, El Capitan's back driving a pickup truck after a 2 year stint in Sparky the Exploding Caddy. Yeeehah! See y'all in Austin next Sunday afternoon!