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Thursday, June 01, 2006

WTF Is Wrong With Blogspot?

This Is Pretty Damned Annoying

I can't see any images other than Blogspot-hosted .gifs on my blog. It says they are loading, but none are showing up in my browser, just red X's.

WTF is going on here? This is most annoying...

UPDATE: It ain't you, it's me. Well, my ISP anyway. Their last remaining DEC Alpha server has breathed its last, and their webhosting capability has crapped out until they can get something cobbled together. All my 9.42 MB worth of my images are hosted through their server (except for 2 MB or so on Roadrunner Houston's server), so when you see pretty pictures on my blog again, you'll know Internet America has gotten their business rewired again.

UPDATE #2:OK, I'm even more confoo-zed. I still can't access my personal web page, all the blog pics are still hosed, yet I can connect and upload and download via FTP just fine. Damndamndamndamndamn....