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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Trolling For Goths?

I'll Never Drive In That Neighborhood Again...

Good deeds never go unpunished.

So, there I am, tooling around in an un-air conditioned Caddy at 4:30 pm, it's gotta be 94 outside, and not a cloud in the sky. Sun's beating down like it's trying to make up for lost time. I've been running errand after errand, and this is after the slow drive from over by the University of Houston south of downtown up to NW Houston. I'm sweating like a whore in church.

Finally, the last task gets accomplished, and I'm heading home. I try to avoid traffic by taking a back road over by Northbrook high school, but it's jammed up as well with everyone getting off work.

Looking up ahead, I see some skinny dude dressed completely in black walking by the side of the road. He's got a girl (very broad in the beam) walking with him, and he's combing his long hair, which is also completely black.

Oh! Hey! That's gotta be little Azrael Abyss, that Goth kid from next door! I've lived here several years now, and I've never seen him wear anything but black. The girl looks like his main squeeze that I've seen hanging around the cul-de-sac. They frequently have late-night snogging sessions on the bench swing we've got hung on the tree in the center of the circle. Dunno her name, but Circe Nightshade is probably close enough.

I really don't like this kid too much (He hammers my bedroom wall with stereo emanations at all hours), and I really don't like his parents. Still, it's just too hot to be walking the two miles back to our street, and they *are* wearing all black... I decide to be nice and offer them a ride.

I pull alongside and yell "Hey, need a ride?"

The couple turn and face me, and it's NOT the kid from next door. Nope, this is a Mexican Goth, and he's very curious why a fat old dude in a Caddy is trying to get him into his car.

From both of them came a torrent of Spanish and some finger gestures. I'm pretty good at getting the gist of the message. I know what 'maricon' is, at any rate. The other bit I'm pretty sure was 'fat boy lover'.

I wasted no time applying foot to gas pedal, and changing zip codes in a rapid and forthright manner. Something tells me I'll be a bit more cautious in the future!