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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Google Weirdness

More Search Term Amusement

Still busy today, so just a quick perusal of a few of the search engine queries that brought people here to Baboon Pirates.

After seeing a few of these, I really don't want to meet some of these people.

Ahem, let see what we have here...

"flinging squirrel" - OK, fair enough.

"phantom shitter" - Yes, I did write an ode to The Phantom Shitter. The search query came from Google UK, though. Odd, what?

"pirate match shoot" - No friggin' idea.

"hand jobs for both partners" - Well, it's an egalitarian searcher, anyway.

"red baboon butt" - A perennial favorite.

"Long John Silver's parrot was trained to cry out what phrase?" - Eet Mor Chikin?

"hairball solutions for Maine Coon cats" - Wear shoes all the time.

"vaginal tighteners that men like" - Alum? Kegel exercises? Not being a ho'?

"world's ugliest dot" - Ah, that would be Dorothy "Dot" McGill, of Hackensack, NJ.

"Pirate song sung to tune of 'This Old Man'" - I have no freakin' clue.

"volatile gas baboon" - Come around after I've had broccoli and cabbage, and I'll show you.