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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Buy A Gun Day Is 8 Days Away!

Coincidentally, You Also Have 8 Days To Complete Your Tax Return...

Time For More Shooty Goodness!

Remember, April 15th is Buy A Gun Day! Take that refund and buy something lethal!

Today's Gotta Have:

Here's a pair of .44's... One's a bargain. The other? Not so much, but it shore is purty!

This is a Charter Arms Bulldog. It's a handy little 5 shot revolver, perfect for tucking in your bathrobe pocket when you investigate things that go bump in the night. The .44 Special hits with authority, but isn't a bruiser like the .44 Magnum. Just $380 simoleons!

Do yourself a favor... Don't tell the guy behind the counter that your next-door neighbor's black Labrador Retriever told you to buy the revolver...

Here's a blast from the past! It's a Smith & Wesson .44 Special Triple Lock. It's been around the block a few times, but the nickel finish is still spiffy, and it's got umpteen thousand rounds of life left in it! A bargain at $2300!!