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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blogmeets Are Where You Find Them!

Go To Gaido's & Get Crabs!!

Leslie of Leslie's Omnibus dropped into town this week on a whirlwind social tour, and I was lucky enough to catch up with her for dinner last night.

Leslie and Nancy France are busy tearing up Galveston Island in a whirlwind of shopping and hijacking cruise ships. OK, maybe they'll leave the cruise ships alone this time...

We met up at Gaido's to do a face-plant in some deelishus fishus, and swap stories from around the blogosphere.

If you go, I'd recommend the Red Snapper Michael, but leave off the topping. It was good enough straight out of the skillet. The bisque wasn't as good as I remembered, but do try the crab cheesecake appetizer. It was quite nice.

I'm hoping we can round up Jerry for dinner up in my neck of the woods later this week.

Here's Leslie & Nancy under the huge Gaido's crab!