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Friday, October 24, 2014

Changing Of The Guard

In Sickness & In Health, We Blog Onwards

Well, that was fun.  Two days off work due to a last-minute summer allergy spasm of the upper sinus area.  The last slap in the face from the local allergens before they go dormant for the winter and I get some relief.

Heh.  As if...

Nope, the allergies due to plant pollens subside, to be replaced by pet dander, molds, mildews, and whatever other kind of funk lurks in your house over the chilly months.

Not to mention our special guest stars, Influenza, pneumonia, common cold, and possibly our African buddy Ebola.

It seems to be getting nastier as I get older, and new symptoms are cropping up.  F'rinstance, I never used to get the horrible eye-boogers when I was younger.  Now, I can wake up and have an eye almost sealed shut due to nasty goo leaking while I'm asleep, and drying my lashes together.

On a side note, one of my co-workers claims a sovereign remedy for the eye-boogers is to catch some fresh baby urine on a cotton ball and use that as an eye wash.

Um, no.  First, I'm fresh out of babies.  Second, I am *not* going to try & catch baby-whiz on a cotton ball, much less rub it on my eyelids.

This is coming from the same repository of old Mexican folk remedies that claims you keep a Chihuahua in your bedroom to attract all the diseases to the dog instead of yourself.

Sigh.  Is it any wonder they still live in mud huts?  This guy eats grasshoppers and corn mold, fer cripes sake...