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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ice Cream Machine's Broken Again...

Life's Harsh. Buy A Helmet.

Not being a regular at the Golden Arches, I became aware via the Interwebs that Mickey D's has a bit of an issue with their ice cream.

Seems that instead of going through the daily hassle of cleaning/servicing/refilling the soft-serve machine, it's much easier for the $15-an-hour-seeking drones to just claim "Duh Mosheen Be Broke" and avoid the work.

Funny that I'd have something in common with Ol' Ronald.  The free ice cream dispenser around here has been phuct for some time.

My occasional screeds over on BookFace aren't nearly as fun.  Quite a few of the folks in my feed don't seem to be able to digest more than a dozen words or so before scrolling to the next item.  I'm pretty sure that instead of seeing my Wall-Of-Text clogging their iPhone, I've been consigned to the "Hidden from feed" purgatory.

So, I spew over here from time to time.  Shame it's not the two scoops with some whipped topping every day or so, but that's life in the big city.  Roll with the changes, y'all...