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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Retail Savagery

Some MBA Is To Blame For This...

There's all kinds of tricks store managers use to grab your wallet and shake it silly.

There's putting the milk, eggs & bread at the far side of the store, forcing you to walk past most everything else just to get what you need.  They put the pricy items at eye-level, and hide the bargains on upper or lower shelves.  Endcaps are stocked with whatever they're overstocked on, or seasonal items with a hefty markup.

Then, of course, there's the fancy geegaws next to the register, in the final hope you'll up the profit margin just a smidgen as you wait to check out your own stuff at the aggravating self-checkout gizmo.  (No discount for that, of course...)

Sometimes, they take it too far...

F'rinstance, when you need some Imodium or Pepto to stop a colonic eruption from an ill-advised intake of tamales, you need that shit RIGHT NOW.  It needs to be right there by the checkout stand.

Putting all the "magical ass cork" medications on the wall farthest from the front door?

That's some cold-blooded shit, right there...