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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Baboon Pirates Headed for Texas Blogfest!

I sent in my RSVP for the Texas Blogfest 2005, so barring any major catastrophes, I'll be up in the Metroplex the weekend of March 18-20 for the festivities.

My buddy and fellow :SOG'ster Zippo has graciously agreed to be my hotelier for the weekend. I'm looking forward to meeting his wife Stomps With Foot, and see their palatial abode.

What Zip & SWF will surely regret is my tendency to snore. Well, not just snore. I'm told that when I sleep it's like listening to angry lions being tossed in a gas-powered woodchipper with a two-stroke engine and a rusted-out muffler. I fully expect to spend night #2 locked in the tool shed.

I'm looking forward to going, yet am a bit uneasy as well. I'm at my best communicating via the written word. Add a new group of people, an unfamiliar location, oodles of liquor, and that's a recipe for potential disaster. Not that I'll get $h!+faced and turn into a bombastic bull moose, but I've never been too good with crowds. We shall see...

It will be good to finally meet Dash and Christina. I read Eric & Denita's blog a lot. I don't know too many of the other scheduled attendees, though. I've read some of the other blogs on the "Confirmed" list, but not with any regularity. Guess that's something to rectify between now & then.

I kinda wish there was more of a schedule for that weekend. I'd like to see if there's time to get Andy and his wife out for an evening with Zippo and SWF. They've got a lot in common, Mac-o-philes, kilts, a tendency towards the spiritual, that sort of stuff. By that time, Andy's wife will be so close to delivery we'll have to get a wheelbarrow to roll her around, though!

See y'all in Dallas! Spread the word!