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Friday, April 01, 2005

Hangin' Up My Spurs

Damn, this day started off in a bad way. I awoke to the sound of a cat retching by the bedroom door. In spite of a hastily removed and thrown t-shirt meant to get Betsy Cat to relocate to a better yakking location, she managed to cough up a couple of impressive specimens. I also noticed that one of the cats had also done a #2 behind the bedroom door. I'll take half the blame for not scooping out the litterbox last night, but you'd think they could go do it under the couch or something.

So, in that cheery frame of mind I get into my car to go to work, and suddenly remember that my rear-view mirror had fallen off yesterday afternoon, and it's another day of wrenching my neck around to see who's behind me. The commuter transit center is packed to the gills with cars left by people who should have been taking today off so I could park up front, and I miss the 8:30 & 8:35 buses 'cause I'm hiking in from the far side of Bum-Fuck Egypt.

Get to work, and the memo that absolutely positively had to go out first thing this morning has been bounced back by the director because she wanted changes made. Naturally, these changes were completely unnecessary, due to factors that occurred at a meeting she was sitting in on, but had obviously forgotten. Efficiency in Action!

So, crank through that and the usual end-of-the-month TPS report bullshit, and I've got time for a quick break and a check on the blog.

Hayzoos H. Keee-rist! All I can manage for the last 5 days is links to Carnivals and cranking out numerous (and unpaid) corporate shill plug-posts? Pitiful. Absolutely awful. Here's the guy who was prepared to take the blogworld by storm, and he's whining about donuts and whoring for links.

I can't believe it's come to this. Next thing, I'll be posting the Quizilla quizzes and linking to the Puppyblender. Maybe even trolling for post material on the Democratic Underground site.

Nope, not gonna let it come to that. I'm gonna pack it in. Go back to writing a page a day on one of my numerous novels. Give up the blogging thing before I turn into someone who neasures their personal worth by the daily hit count.

Sigh. It's a shame it had to come to this. You'd think I could get past one bad day, and not toss it all over.

Nope. Got to happen. Best to just give it one quick cut. Just one hard jerk on the cutoff lever.

Just like the way I have been jerking your chain for the past 9 paragraphs! Buwahahahaah!!


Hehehe, had you hooked like a fish, baby!