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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Not A Lot To Say

Bloggus Interruptus Temporarae

I'm kind of at a loss for words today. I could talk some more on my K31 issues, but that's getting boring. I could explore the possible reasons my eyebrows itch, but that's kinda ooky. All my cat pics are on another computer, so no catblogging. Ditto for an infuriating piece I read in the news. (It involved the French, so you can kinda guess where I'd go there)

Yabu and & are passing the peace pipe (don't Bogart it!!!), so no more spatting over Phish. The Man is behaving himself, so no news there. Zibig hasn't been tossed bodily from his office yet. I've got a couple of good long rants in the works, but I'm not in the mood to complete 'em just yet.

Sigh. Maybe I'll go read the paper. I'm sure to find something to get my dander up.

Back soonish...