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Monday, March 13, 2006

Batfishing & Other Nocturnal Pastimes

When Worlds Collide...

I've been dreading this moment.

Not the running/screaming/pissing-your-drawers kind of dread. Just the general feeling of queasy unease when your destiny (and history) is no longer solely your own.

My buddy Rockhauler has started a blog.

This is not a bad thing. In fact, I'm glad to see he's dipped his toe into these piranha-infested waters. I've known him for years, and with his wit and insight, he'll make a good blogger and commentator, if (and in all honesty, it's a farookin' HUGE if...) he can keep up with it on a regular basis, and not quit after 40 posts.

Rockhauler and I share the gene for excessive slack and naptaking. I manage to fight through my slackitude and post regularly simply because I need to have an outlet for my brain-spew. Rockhauler's a little more of a social animal than I am, and his blogging seems to be more of a "want to" than a "need to". Nothing wrong with that, it's just a difference in priorities.

What does concern me is our shared past. We've walked/drove/hiked/been chased many a mile together, and a lot of my stories are his stories too, albeit from a different perspective. I can't claim copyright to any of those tales, nor can I get bent out of shape if he tells a story before I do.

OTOH, I've been banging away on a novel/memoir of the years I spent working at Boy Scout summer camps. That's where he & I met almost 20 years ago. I'm nowhere near completion, and if you've noticed a complete lack of summer camp stories here, that's why. I'm saving them all to be released in one fell swoop when I get it finished.

So, I'm a bit concerned with what Rockhauler's gonna use for source material. Not only the summer camp stuff, but there's also a whole shitload of tasteless shenanigans we've perpetrated over the years that I don't know that I necessarily want to see aired. Things that were funny when you're 22 can look pretty crass when you're 38.

I've talked to Rockhauler about this, but not in any great detail. Ultimately, it's his blog to do with as he wishes. Maybe it'll jumpstart my writing, and force me to complete it before I turn 40...

At any rate, here's Rockhauler's new blog 'Just Another Bat-Fisherman' at

Wish him well!

Oh, yeah... "Batfishing", (as in 'going fishing for eeky squeeky bats', not 'bludgeoning carp with Louisville Sluggers') was our codeword for nights we were going to skulk out of camp and go drinking up on Eagle's Peak. But that's a story for later...