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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Uncle Bob Went Offroading!

Roadside Tree - 1 --- Lincoln Sedan - 0

My Dad's brother Bob plowed into a tree yesterday afternoon. Hit that sucker doin' about 30 miles an hour. He's still in the hospital, and is currently listed as being in stable condition. They think he had a seizure while driving, 'cause there were no skidmarks to indicate he tried to avoid the crash. His lack of broken bones and internal injuries also support the hypothesis that he was unconscious and relaxed when the impact occured. They were going to let him go home last night, but he had a second seizure that worried the docs enough that they pumped him full of sleepy-juice so they could run additional tests.

He's got no prior history of seizures, so why this occurred is all sort of a mystery to us. I'm pressing my memory hard, and can't recall ever seeing him take a drink of anything alcoholic, so that certainly wasn't the cause.

For those that go back with me a ways, you'll recall Uncle Bob was the bane of my existence when I was in college. He was always showing up at odd hours to see what I was up to, and usually to dragoon me into some form of hard labor involving shifting heavy things from one locale to another. I was determined not to get along with him during those years, but as I moved out of Arlington and the years ticked by, we finally reached a form of detente that's been in place for a while now.

So... Best wishes towards your recovery, Uncle Bob! When ya get better, can you come down and help me tear down the old greenhouse? ;-)