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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Neck Deep In Ammo

Now We Just Need A Canuckistanian Invasion To Repel!

My ammo arrived yesterday. That's one heavy-ass crate. All that "lift with your knees" advice just gave me creaky knees.

Opened up the cardboard box to find a grey-painted wooden crate inside. Seemed a bit superfluous to box it up, when you coulda just slapped a shipping label on the crate. Maybe they were afraid all the Cyrillic lettering painted on the ammo crate would alarm the UPS crew.

The crate had the latches on it sealed shut with these wire and stamped lead gizmos. Nail clippers seemed suitable to the task, but now I've got little circular dings in the clipper blades. Hello, future hangnails...

Opened the latches and saw a solid box o' metal inside. You yank on a wooden toggle attached to a wire, and that zips open the sealed metal liner.

Here's what's inside...

It's got a 1953 date, and I lucked out that the ammo's on stripper clips. I test-fed some into the BRNO vz24, and it strips off the clip into the mag well, loads and ejects slicker than Astroglide on ice.

Here's a closeup of the box label.

The boxes seem a bit scungy for being sealed up. That might be more to the acid-content of the cardboard breaking down the fibers than any contamination.

Hope to get out to the range this weekend and see how this stuff shoots. I gotta go pick up some black powder solvent first. This ammo is corrosive, and I gotta clean the rifle PDQ after shooting.