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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Saxet Spelled Backwards Equals "Sardine"

Biggest Clusterf#*k I've Seen In Years

In this neck of the Texas woods, there are three main groups that host gun shows. You have the Houston Gun Collector's Association, who usually set up shop down in Reliant Center. You have the High Caliber Gun & Knife crew, who are most often found at the George R. Brown Convention Center, and you have the Saxet Shows group, that mostly play to the smaller towns and county arenas.

Each has its merits. You won't find any ammo at the Houston Gun Collector's Association show, 'cause Reliant Center doesn't allow it. You'll walk your feet off at the George R. Brown Convention Center, 'cause that place is bigger than Rhode Island.

This was my first Saxet show, and I was NOT impressed. The Lone Star Convention Center in Conroe was OK. A bit out in the sticks, even after considering the long drive up there. Still, it was a nice building, and parking was free, something you won't find in Houston.

The place was stuffed tighter than Dick's hatband, though. The vendor area was way oversold. Just too many damned tables in the room, leaving just enough aisle space to avoid a fire code citation.

Completely fracturing the fire code, though, was the amount of people they let in the room. There were so many people struggling to get past each other down tight aisles that there were many times you had to stand & wait for 3-5 minutes before you could take a step in any direction.

I got so pissed off after fighting my way down the first three aisles that I considered leaving. There was no excuse to have the place that crowded, and the only thing that kept me from calling the law was I'd drained my cell battery calling my pal Zibig to bitch about it.

Making matters worse were the high percentage of lookie-loos at the show. Nothing pisses me off more than to have a pocket full of cash, ready to make a purchase, only to have to wait 10 minutes just to get up to the table because two inbred yokels with 6 teeth between them ramble on about how they're gonna buy that $2000 Wilson .45 and go "BussaCapInDemPigs".

I'm not going back to a Saxet show if I can help it. I got so frazzled by the crowds and the high yokel factor that I completely forgot to pick up the .45 magazines I'm needing, and also forgot to go buy a 7.5 Swiss snapcap.

Got a good deal on a rifle, but I need triple that for my pain, suffering and anguish of that overcrowded hall.