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Friday, February 24, 2006

Warning! Arsenal Alert!

Now, I Just Need My Own Rural Compound...

OK, I'm on my way to joining the militia-types and survivalists. In about a week, I'll have joined the ranks of the gun nuts that have a stash of thousands of rounds of ammunition!

Well, to be honest, if you count up all the assorted bricks, cans and boxes of .22 ammo, I've been there for a while now. Those add up pretty quick.

I finally took the plunge and ordered a case of 8mm Mauser surplus ammo for my BRNO VZ 24. 900 rounds for $64.95. $20 shipping charges tacked on, 'cause that stuff weighs a ton. Got it off the web at Sportsman's Guide.

It comes out to less than 9.5 cents a round. Not too awful, especially compared with the .45 Colt, which usually goes for around 40 cents a bang, and double that for premium ammo.

There's a gun show up in Conroe this weekend. I'm gonna go and see if there's anyone sitting on a stash of surplus 7mm Mauser. Samco had some in stock last year, but I dithered and dawdled until they sold out. You can find commercial stuff, but it's kinda pricy, and Venezuelan autoloaders run through that stuff PDQ.

I'm also keeping my eye out for a Swiss K31 in good shape. They're still selling online for around a buck & a quarter, with premium specimens charging an additional $50 or so. Most of the ones I've seen have good bores, clean actions and passable wood, but for some reason, the toe of the stocks are really buggered up. I'm not sure why that is.

Ammo for those critters is pretty spendy for surplus stuff. Cheapest I've seen it is at AIM Surplus, with sleeves of 60 rounds for $21.

They're said to be extremely accurate and well-made. If I can get a good price, I'll find out for myself!