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Friday, March 03, 2006

Borders, Language, Culture

Despite The Post Title, Michael Savage Is Still An Asshole.

I haven't squabbled with Andy in a while. I guess we're overdue.

He posted about the Chimpy McBushitler Katrina briefing videotape two days ago. It just really got under my skin, and I was less than diplomatic in my commenting.

I shoulda waited until the MSM finished watching all the tapes, and the Kathleen Blanco fuckup became known. Well, we already knew she was a worthless party hack, but the repeated revelation that she hadn't a clue about disaster recovery took some of the wind out of the sails of those trying to lay it all at the feet of President "Smirky".

So, Andy blasts back at my call for increased border security. I guess he agreed with me on the issue of Bush's lips being firmly attached to Saudi buttocks.

Here's a snippet:
I view borders as being more trouble than they are worth. People should pretty much be able to come and go as they please. It's not unreasonable to require passports or customs. It's just that those things should serve to identify criminals and terrorists and not act as barriers to people seeking new opportunities.

Let me put this as bluntly as I can: I think that the latino immigrants tend to come to this country willing to work hard - incredibly hard, much harder than fat, middle class whites such as myself are willing to work - and that no country has ever been harmed by people who want to work hard to earn an honest living and have a chance at a better life.

Oddly, enough, I have no real beef with what he says here at all, barring the first two ridiculous sentences. I've never had a problem with Latino immigrants. Christ, I'm from Texas. We grow up learning to habla espaƱol. I'll be the first one to admit that picking lettuce is something I'll never aspire to, and if someone wants to LEGALLY immigrate so I can have a salad, more power to 'em.

The key word here, obviously, is LEGALLY. Knowing who's coming and going across your borders helps prevent the undesirable element from having easy access. When I say "undesirable element", I do NOT refer to the Latinos who want to earn an honest living in a better environment. In my case, when your adopted sister is of Latino birth, it's kinda pointless to have a gripe with brown-skinned people.

No, the ones I want kept out are the coke & heroin pushers, the pimps, the car thieves, the burglars, the gangs, those that have no intention of making an honest living, but prey on those who do. We breed enough of those vermin here already without letting more in.

Something the Mainstream Media is loathe to tell you is that we spend billions of dollars dealing with the costs of illegal immigrants. A National Academy of Sciences study way back in 1997 showed that in California, the cost of subsidizing illegal immigrants was nearly $1200 for every native household. You can buy a shitload of Poptarts for $1200.

You want in the U.S.? Come in ready to work, register as a guest worker or apply for citizenship, whichever floats your boat, and pay some freakin' taxes! The libs want fair and equitable treatment for everyone, I'll go along with it. If I gotta pay Uncle Sugar every April 15th, so do the immigrants!

Next from The Kilted One:
What about the loss of American culture? First, it isn't a loss, it is a change. Second, throughout all of human history various kingdoms, empires, city-states, etc. have attempted to prevent the loss of their culture to barbarians and they always lose. Besides, it's not like our culture is so damn special anyway.

When a change to a country is so far-reaching and thorough that it erases the advantages present before the change, it most certainly IS a loss. I won't argue with the barbarian statement, it's happened too often to dispute. All we can really do is try to delay the inevitable long enough to get the pathfinders and pioneers out to another frontier to try once again to create that elusive Shangri-La.

The last sentence in that paragraph infuriates me beyond belief. Let me repeat it for the ones not paying attention. Quote from Andy:

"Besides, it's not like our culture is so damn special anyway."

Nope, just another run-of-the-mill Evil Empire, I guess. One so morally bankrupt that it only donates almost 40 billion dollars a year in aid to over 150 countries around the world. A country that shells out millions upon millions of dollars in private donations to help poor brown (and mostly Islamic) people covered in seawater in Indonesia. A culture so bereft of meaning that it routinely provides food, schooling and medical care to anyone that crosses our borders, regardless of citizenship or nationality. Yup, they're a bunch of bastards, all right.

Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ, while your treehugger friends are paying for saving spotted owls and the endangered New Mexican two-titted prairie toad, the Red-state "Republic of Jesus" types you seem to hold in such low regard are sending bargeloads of grain to starving kids in Africa. Yeah, OK, they're also shipping in Bibles and missionaries to convert the heathen, and I don't much like that, but who's really got the moral high ground? Oh, I forget... with a liberal, it's all relative. Snail Darters and Whooping cranes have the same rights as humans. What was I thinking????

For as much as the libs whine about the inequities of our economic system, not only is it deeply embedded within our cultural framework, it's also the only one so far to have achieved the overall level of relative prosperity we currently enjoy. We've got the richest poor people the world has ever seen! No, we'll probably never achieve true economic equality for all. Then again, we're not ants or bees, either. IMHO, the best way to become a "Have" is to spend some time as a "Have Not" long enough to get disgusted with it, and work your ass off to achieve a better life.

OK, last bit, before all this anti-liberal ranting makes someone think they're on Lord Spats's site.
What about terrorists? Shit, first of all, if we'd stop acting like assholes, we would not be such a big target. Second, if we weren't so dependent on oil, we would not be tied to the Middle East. Third, why should we let people determined to use violence to scare us into changing our behavior succeed? In other words, if they want to create a holy war between Islam and America, why play their game?

Let's take this point by point...

A) Acting like assholes? Have you paid no attention to what's going on in Europe? The Euroschmucks have bent over backwards to accomodate the Muslims for 2 generations now. Look what their reward is! Riots, unrest, murders, rapes, vandalism, you name it. The Islamists want their Caliphate, and they know you libs will buckle under rather than offend their 'delicate sensibilities'. They're devout, intelligent, and above all, patient. We'll be getting their terrorists visiting us sooner or later even if we acted like Mother Teresa. If you ever do manage to disarm and muzzle the rednecks and reactionaries in the U.S. and allow the seeds of Shariah law to embed over here, well, all I'll say is you'd best teach your children and grandchildren how to wear your chains of dhimmitude lightly.

B) Dependent on oil? I've only been in support of nuclear power for how many years now? Nope, the treehuggers won't have it. Never mind that your beloved Frenchies have a solid record of using clean nuke power, it'll never fly over here.

C) Why play their game? Mainly 'cause we're in it whether you like it or not. It's not something you can refuse to participate in. Sooner or later, everyone's gonna have to hop off the fence and take a stand. The positions I take politically are not for me, not for my nephew Sammy, not really even for his kids. The best hope we have for our offspring to thrive and continue advancing in terms of human achievement is to foster an environment conducive to long term personal, economic, and political freedom. That future is threatened by those who would revert the globe to an idealized version of 10th Century Islamic culture.

Whether we vote Red, Blue, Elephant, Donkey, Whig, whatever, isn't as important as maintaining the borders, language and culture of the ONE SINGLE COUNTRY on the globe with its guaranteed rights and freedoms that has the best chance of making that future possible. If we can manage along the way to be more helpful to others around the globe, that's just icing on the cake. We cannot, however, allow the feel-good (and increasingly masochistic) urges of the Perpetually Whiny to put brakes on our ability to achieve that outcome.

OK, rant over. Go on about your business, now...