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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Talk About Your Trainwrecks...

The Implosion Of My Productivity!

Lesson One: Don't read blogs at work.

Lesson Two: If you DO read 'em, don't explore sidebars.

Lesson Three: If there's a sidebar section CLEARLY LABELED as "Time wasters/games", just shut down your browser and run away!!!

Sigh. I could blame Kurt for this, but it's ultimately my fault.

He's got a link on his sidebar for a Flash-based confection called "Falling Sand Game".

This thing's more addictive than heroin-sprinkled 'tater chips.

Nothing but four falling columns. Sand, Water, Salt, & Oil. You get to add walls, water spouts, plants, fire and wax (called 'cera').

Here's some hints, 'cause I know y'all are inquisitive little bunnies, just like me!

Water makes plants grow, sometimes annoyingly fast.

Fire and oil don't really mix well.

Burning oil will damage walls, and if you ignite walls made of wax, they slowly burn until they're gone!

Water, sand and salt don't extinguish fires.

The '???' button is somewhat akin to the Genesis Effect from Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. Be warned.

You will start to see the falling sand every time you close your eyes.

Have fun...