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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

This Swiss K31 Is Great!!!

Hats Cracked Out To 500 Yards. Call For Bulk Pricing!

Ich liebe dieses Schweizer gewehr!
Je t'aime le fusil Suisses!
Amo questo fucile Svizzero!

OK, that should cover all major Swiss dialects. Sort of, anyway. I'm sure the Babelfish translator bollixed something up.

I took the new K31 last weekend to the Hot Wells range up on Hwy 290 for a workout, along with 40 rounds of ammo. I also toted along the BRNO and 120 rounds of that surplus 8mm to see how many rounds I could pound through it before my shoulder gave out. (Answer - 65 rounds! That thing kicks hard!)

Zibig and the Cisco Kid joined me for the fun, bringing along some .22s and CK's very nice Remington 700 in .30-06.

Aside from 4 mystery rounds, the K31 shot like a dream. I'm so in love with that straight-pull bolt. You don't need to shift the rifle off-axis by farkin' around with a tight turnbolt, it's just a pull straight backwards and a firm push forwards and it locks up tighter than a bank vault. The only downside is occasionally the top-ejecting rifle will fling an empty up, and it comes down on your noggin, or drops that hot case down the back of your shirt collar.

I wish I'd remembered my camera to get some proof of how it grouped, 'cause the Hot Wells range doesn't let you go downrange to retrieve your targets. They have a crew that swaps out all the targets every cease-fire, and sorting out your target from all the others is kind of an iffy prospect.

Most of the three-shot strings I was shooting were grouping less than 2.5 inches . I know, not the greatest, but that's over iron sights, and the first time I've shot a rifle in a caliber larger than .22LR in months. With some more practice, I'll tighten that up a lot. The trigger is amazing for a military rifle. You've got about 1/2" of takeup, then it breaks clean with less pressure than you'd expect. The trigger on my Savage NRA Match .22 is better, but the K31's trigger gets a solid #2 spot in my "arsenal".

I had a flyer screw up a group more than once, which I'll chalk down to my fidgeting more than any fault of the rifle. I did have four rounds 'disappear' on me. Shooting at a fresh target, I fired four shots that failed to print on the Shoot N See target. Completely baffled me. This is after shooting 60+ rounds out of the BRNO, and 25 rounds from the K31, and having none outside an 8" circle.

After staring at the target for a few minutes through the spotting scope, I reloaded the K31's mag, and commenced to grouping them on target right where they'd been all day, 7 o'clock low, about 2" outside the bull. Weird. Cisco Kid thinks I somehow got 4 in a row with low or degraded powder charges causing them to shoot way low. Who knows...

At any rate, I think I've got myself a winner here. I'm gonna poke around looking for scope adapters for this rifle. I'm thinking this might become a rifle that gets a lot of use in the future!

Don't wait for 'em to get scarce! Go get yourself a K31 and a couple of cases of ammo while it's relatively cheap! You won't regret it!