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Saturday, July 15, 2006


A Weekend Indulgence

It's been far too long since I've borrowed a meme from Sheila's site, so I'm going to do what she did, and copy someone else's brilliant idea.

The theme is faces, and whose face you find intriguing. Not necessarily attractive, just... interesting to look at! Sheila went a bit farther afield than I did, my collection is limited (mostly) to screen actors.

No names, of course. I agree with Sheila, it's more fun when all you have to go by is a face with no names attached. I got lucky in finding a couple of pics that had two of my favorite intriguing faces in the same shot.

It's not a favorite actor poll, by any means. (OK, except for La Bella Donna Monica... Usilo ed abusilo, mia signora dolce!) There's a couple of people on here whose politics just make my blood boil. But dammit! They have a most intriguing phiz!

Enjoy the I.D. guessing game, and post your own favorite faces!

Hehehe! Just noticed three of my choices are wearing Stetsons! Oh, well, like Ol' Willie sings, "My heroes have always been cowboys..."