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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Decision, Decisions...

I've GOT To Start Carrying My Camera Every Day

So I'm coming out of the office last week, about 6 pm. Blinding glare from the sun, about 90+ degrees. I'm schlepping my way over to the bus stop, when I'm stopped in my tracks by the most amazing pair of legs I've seen in years. I'm talkin' serious gams, here. Betty Grable-grade legs. Attached to a pretty blonde woman about 5' 10" tall, they're just awe-inspiring. Probably better than 35 inches from hip to ankle, with the definition of the quadriceps and gastrocnemius muscles surely the product of serious Stairmaster or bicycle use. Clad in white shorts, with heeled sandals, it was enough to make you trip over the curb. Which I promptly did.

In the process of regaining my balance, I looked down the street, and what to my wondering eyes did appear but the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile, heading right here.

And here's where my internal child starts warring with my libido. See, the kid in me says "Cool! The Oscar Meyer Weinermobile!! Check it out" and my id is saying "Shuddup, ya maroon. Go over there and offer to buff her calves with your tongue!"

As it happens, I gave myself a serious neck cramp swiveling my head back & forth as my warring factions raged. I might have suffered a serious neck rupture, but for the timely arrival of the bus. Naturally, the Freudian implications of my little yin/yang squabble were not lost upon me.