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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Austin Mini-Meet Recap

Big Things Come In Small Packages!

I had a completely enjoyable time shooting & eatin' wings last Sunday with the Central Texas blogcrew that made it out to our mini-meet.

Walrilla was the first to arrive at the shooting range, and LC Beth showed up with her twins & hubby a bit later. We shot the bangy things for a while (Beth's #1 son LOVES .45 autos...), then quit before something blew up.

It's not that my guns are unsafe, mind you, it's just that they're kind of like Elric's sword Stormbringer. Every so often, they demand their pound of flesh. Case in point... Last year, Denita had a chunk of flesh nibbled off her hand while pulling back the bolt on my 8mm Mauser. Earlier this year, I pinched the crap out of my palm when the bumper on the .45's mag bit me (big paws and a poor grip could be blamed, I suppose...). I had a hot case from the FN49 sizzle against my forearm and create a nice burn scar Sunday until I could unwind the carry strap and shake it loose. Beth's #2 son learned the hard way not to get his face too close to the scope of a hunting rifle when it recoils! He's OK, the shooting glasses and his own glasses kept him from getting a moon-shaped scar over his eyebrow.

Well, if they're this hard on the users on the 'safe side', God help the goblins they ever get used on...

After shooting we went to a sports pub/wing place called Pluckers. AJ joined us, and we chowed on wings and various fried things, and jawed all afternoon. I've seen fried pickles before, but these folks managed to figure out how to deepfry macaroni & cheese. Damndest thing ever...

I had a great time shooting the breeze. We discussed everything under the sun. Here's some of the topics I can recall:

written budgeting and building wealth
Logical proof that Allah is Satan
The relative suckitude of Dennis DeYoung
Lacrosse needing more armor and sharp edged net-things
FPS and tactical wargaming
The "eh" factor of the 10 year high school reunion
The need to lowcrawl when pursued by Panzers
Wondering who wore an "I'm blogging this" shirt at Rob's funeral
Setting up a blogger cruise out of Galveston

And too much more to remember...

Had a great time, y'all! Let's do it again real soon!