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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Check Engine

I Just Can't Seem To Catch A Break

Compared with dying, I suppose I ain't got much to bitch about, by comparison. Still, the Powers That Be seem insistent on driving in the spike and twisting before breaking it off.

Not a week after buying the truck, the Check Engine light comes on. I know, I know, it generally means very little. Bad O2 sensor, or cruddy gas, or a loose oil filler cap. OTOH, it might well be the harbinger of the flaming death of the engine, with which I have too much experience lately.

It's just another whiplash across my mind to remind me that I've always had shitty luck with vehicles, and I always *WILL* have shitty luck with vehicles. I oughta just give up and move to an apartment near a food store and a METRO line.

Fear not, Walrilla. I'll be in Austin if I have to rent a dogsled.

You good Christian folk avert your eyes for a moment...


OK, I'm going to Hell. In a shitty vehicle.

UPDATE: OK, the truck got delivered to the mechanic this morning, who hooked up the code reader and determined that it's either:

A) A faulty MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor - $150
B) A dirty MAF sensor - $10 for cleaning spray and #20 Torx screw to open the thing up *OR* (and this one just kills me...)
C) A faulty gas cap - $18

OK, so that's annoying, but liveable. Correspondingly, the gratuitous profanity has been reduced by 80%.