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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

BlogShoots & Birthday Parties

If Ya Can't Make One, Show Up At The Other!

Just another reminder of the mini-meet in North Austin Pflugerville, TX this weekend. Walrilla and I are gonna meet up at Red's Shooting Range about 1:30 or so this coming Sunday for some shooting, then we'll find a local watering hole and sit down & shoot the breeze. I imagine we'll all part ways around 6-7 pm.

In Rob's memory, I'll try to find some cat-shaped targets we can perforate. I know my cat-owning friends will be aghast at this, but it would've amused Rob, and it's the least I can do after cat-bombing him once or twice!

OK, if ya can't make the shoot, can you at least show up for my birthday party? OK, *OUR* birthday party. A bunch of July babies are getting a themed party thrown for us by this super-extra-coolishious sweetie (who's a July baby herself!)

It's a WHITE TRASH birthday party up in N. Dallas on July 15th from 6p-??, so grab your cousin, pull on your overalls and NASCAR cap, shake the goatshit off your galoshes and come hang out with some rednecks and redneck wannabes. All you D/FW types, like Zippo, AOM/AOD, Rockhauler, Kosher Red, and the Kilted Liberal, c'mon out and have some fun! I can't guarantee people won't get nekkid in the pool, and there may be one or two folks doing things that would make your Bible School teacher blush, so be warned.

Email me for details. Obviously, I'm not gonna post them here!

Editor's note: Redacted a bit about the possible goings-on at the party. No use getting the Buttinsky's and ol' Bertha Better'nyou worked up into a lather. Which they might actually enjoy, God help them...