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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Tha Roof, Tha Roof, Tha Roof Is On FIRE!

We Need Lots Of Water, 'Cause The Mother%#(%*^$ BURNING!!! AAAAAA!!!!

Oh, man. I am so bummed out right now. So much so I'm misquoting old Bloodhound Gang songs...

Dash & Christina's Hill Country home has apparently decided to impersonate a pile of gently used charcoal briquets following a lightning strike.

It was such a nice place, and they'd put a lot of work into making it more liveable. Sweet One & Wee One had finished their rooms, and Christina was getting ready to paint her vaulted-ceiling bedroom with a really long-handled paintbrush.

Thankfully, the reports tell us that all inhabitants made it out OK, including the 4-legged critters.

Stay tuned for more info... We're all waiting to see what they need in terms of essentials (or luxuries), and I'll relate anything I hear. The Ford is poised for a run out that way, if need be.