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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Leaky Arm

High Grossout Factor Ahead...

That nice crispy scorchmark I got on my forearm from an ejected 7mm rifle shell last Sunday has developed into a lovely 2nd degree burn. I find this out due to the previously unnoticed blister popping, and oozing lymphatic fluid through my nice clean white shirtsleeve.

I'd like to get under there and clean things up, but I've got these big honkin' Popeye forearms, and as a result, my sleeves are one-way only. The cuffs won't go much past my wrists when pulled up.

My other option is to retreat to the bathroom and partially disrobe, unwinding my tie, taking off my shirt and applying some of that horrible brown splintery "paper" toweling to the burn site. It's either that, or the nasty white single-ply bumwipe that sits next to the terlit that's been subjected to microscopic pee-droplets and toiletflush ejecta.

Hmmmm... on second thought, it can wait until I get home. No use contracting dengue fever or herpes complex type 57 from an impromptu first aid session in the can.