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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Yarrr, Matey! We Have More Loot!

Well, Shiver Me Timber! OK, Maybe Not In Public...

I have the coolest friends!

My friends are all great people, but some of them just consistently give me excuses to put them on my "Why are you so frickin' cool, and what on earth possesses you to keep hanging out with a disreputable buccanner such as myself??" list!

Flygirl, who frequently comments here, is currently leading in the overall coolness factor. Last night I get home, and find out that a big package she sent is waiting for me. Inside the package is this huge book on pirates! It's full of nifty pirate swag, like treasure maps and ship pictures and even a handy little guide to organizing a pirate crew, for the day when I finally buy a tramp steamer and a couple of deck guns and start plundering the Disney Cruise lines.

If you haven't guessed by now, I've had a pirate fetish for some time. Read the article on my sidebar (Baboon Pirates?) for a glimpse into the beginnings of the pirate thing.

My friends are all aware of my unnatural attraction to all things swashbuckly, and periodically feed my addiction with things they've found on their travels. Flygirl's done this many times, as have Jenni, Rockhauler and Zippo. My pirate shrine is starting to spread, and might need another shelf or two pretty soon.

Thanks very much, Flygirl! I love it!