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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Presidential Action Figures?

There's Only 113 Shopping Days Until Xmas!!

Target has a new product offering available only online... Just what you've always needed for your collection! It's Presidential Action Figures!!

These true-to-life representations of our presidents come complete with tailored suits, a biographical pamphlet, and best of all, they each have a voice chip allowing them to speak 25 different phrases!

They've got historical figures, like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and what the website lists as "Franklin Roosevelt". I'm thinking they mean Ben Franklin. Some idjit needs to get canned over that goof-up.

They've got modern presidents, like Reagan, JFK, Bush The Elder, Bush The Junior, and what is supposedly Dhimmi Carter. Bill Clinton is conspicuously absent. One assumes it's a liability issue, due to the hordes of brainwashed liberals who would likely stuff the Clinton doll up their tailpipes in a fit of idol-worship.

And then, there's this President...

I've got to have this one. With 25 phrases on the voice chip, it's an even bet that "I'm not a crook" got a spot. Even better would be some of the uncensored Oval Office tape excerpts. I wish I could go check it out at the store, but it's an online-only offering.