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Friday, November 03, 2006

A Handy Portable Rifle Rest

Best Be Careful Inserting That Cleaning Rod...

I got this .jpeg of a painting by a South African artist emailed to me today, and it's too darn weird not to share!

The caption it arrived with was:

A Woman Must Serve Her God, Her Father, And Her Husband

From the looks of things, you've got some sort of Boer about to supply some 7mm Mauser smackdown on an unsuspecting critter in order to refill the biltong bucket.

I don't think he's taking potshots at the Brits in this scene. I firmly believe the Boer hausfrau (I know, I know, Dutch, not Deutsch... No se habla Boer-spik, however.) would have the gumption to act as a rifle rest for her man, but the high visibility of her snowy bloomers would make an unacceptable target for the Brit Lee-Metfords.