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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tummy Tuesday

The Soft Underbelly Of Catblogging

Not all bloggers appreciate catblogging. Some of the "serious" bloggers liken it to posting pics of your toddlers, or a teenager posting angsty poetry. In other words, it's just more dreck to wade through whilst seeking out pearls of wisdom that the "serious" bloggers wish to bestow upon us. Also, some bloggers just hate cats!

Apparently, a blogger can sink even lower than catblogging. It seems that in addition to posting pics of dear Puss-Wuss and her catnip mouse, you can even be specific about showing off certain body parts of your feline. After watching Laurence and Elisson indulge in Tummy Tuesday, I figured, "What the hell". It's not like I'll ever be mistaken for a serious blogger anyway.

So, here's Pookie Cat's vast pillowy tummy, on Tummy Tuesday.

Full Disclosure: In the interests of good taste, I had to Photoshop out of the top right corner of the pic the used pair of underwear that Pookie Cat was rolling in just prior to me taking the picture. Some people read blogs while they eat, ya know...

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