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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Where's My Handbasket?

Don't Try To Post At 2:30 AM...

Well, I was gonna start a ranting bitch-session about the kind folks congratulating me on my 1st Class reservations on the Goin' To Hell Express, but one's commenter's probably just yankin' my chain, and I don't know the other guy, so I'm just gonna let it slide.

My initial reaction was to post an "Oh, yeah? Think that's sacrilegious? Check *THIS* out!" series of pictures, but that wouldn't do much except alienate my few remaining readers who are nice church-goin' folk.

Just by looking at the Flying Spaghetti Monster webpage, and reading some of the hatemail, there really are folks out there that get severely incensed by the whole thing.

To some people, the whole FSM parody is blasphemy with a capital B, and anyone not condemning the FSM creed is "mocking God" and is deserving of a short session on the whipping post before being burned at the stake. They're dead serious too. No doubt they'd light the fires themselves, given the opportunity, and congratulate themselves on their piety afterwards.

Just a cautionary note, illustrated below. You can be devout, and still not be right.

I'm just sayin', is all...