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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Random Weekend Stuff

Blogging When I Ought To Be Sleeping

My friend Connecticut Yankee and his wife are procreating! On one hand, this makes me very happy, as I get yet another chance to be "Unca Cap". OTOH, this means there's one more potential UConn/Kentucky fan out there. Y'all hurry up and move back down here, ConnYank. He/She's better off being a Longhorn fan these days!

In case you're wondering if Eric the SWG's unique blogging style is just a conceit, it appears not. He emails in exactly the same style!

Rorshach explains in great detail how to wash a Maine Coon Cat. Good stuff, R! I was actually contemplating putting Betsy Cat in the dishwasher. (OK, not really)

Dash contemplates buying the biggest damn terlit you ever did see.

Kurt shows off some dog butts.

Elisson's flirting with the green fairy.

Jimbo from Joisey goes to tha licka sto'. The man's got good taste in the grape, but we gotta get that man weaned off that frou-frou hooch before he starts perming his hair and listening to Kenny G.

I'm going back to bed, y'all. What good's a Sunday morning if you can't be sleeping until 11 am?