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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Remodeling Update!

At This Pace, We'll Finish By 2025!

Following the installation of tile floors, a coat of paint & a new stove, fridge and dishwasher, the next step in the kitchen makeover at Casa Capitan is almost complete!

Here's some pictures:

A general overview. Cabinets painted inside & out, plus doors rebuilt with accent molding. Under-cabinet lighting installed, and modern electrics to replace 1960's era switches & plugs. Marble countertop & tile backsplash with inset tile accents & edge molding. New deep basin porcelain sink & bronze faucet, plus new overhead lighting.

Still to be done: Cabinet & drawer pulls, contrasting faux antique stain/wash on cabinets, shelf liners & window treatment.

Marble countertop, right of sink

Marble countertop, left of sink

Stove & Vent-A-Hood gets its own cubbyhole, with tile accents to match. Shelving for pans to go to right of stove.

Sink closeup with overhead spotlight. And dirty dishes. Sorry...

Pantry wall tiled to ceiling, with accent spotlighting. There will be glass shelves installed between pantry & cupboard for dishes & serving bowls.

All pantry shelves and undercounter cupboards have these pull-out storage racks. No more climbing stepstools to reach the very back of the top shelf, nor getting down on your hands & knees to pull that last bottle of juice from the back of the cabinet!

Detail of accent tile insert.

After this? Bedrooms, bathrooms and a new back fence...