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Monday, February 02, 2009

More Facebook Follies

Facebook + Glittery Graphics + 70% More Teens = MySpace!

OK, I'm entering week two on Facebook, and I still have control of all my bodily functions, and my soul seems to be intact.

The shine's wearing off the Facebook experience, I have to say. My new friend links have dropped off to nothing. Haven't had a new one in several days.

This is partly my doing. I'm resisting the urge to friend-link everyone I know that shows up in the "You might know this person" section. I've had a couple of people link to me as a friend, and I honestly don't know them from Adam. I hate being the jerkoff that won't link to someone, but I kind of feel that they're using their relationship with a real friend of mine to gain an extra friend link and boost their overall "Score".

Boudicca made a good point in a comment on my original Facebook post:
My blog is enough of an extroversion for me. It drains me at times... I can't do FB for real, as me, or I'll end up in a dark corner somewhere, rocking back and forth, wishing it would go away.

Amen to that. I used to wonder why so many people had the potential to be great bloggers, yet posted so rarely. Turns out they're all over at Facebook flinging virtual crap at each other. Maybe I'm just envious of the few that have the time & energy to both blog and maintain a busy Facebook presence. In my case, Facebook has cut into my blog reading bandwidth, and I'm not real happy with that.

Ah, well. It's all a balancing act. I'll find the happy medium somewhere along the way.

In the meantime, though, no beads, no pillows, no Mob Wars, no tchotchkes flung at me. It's not that I don't appreciate you thinking about me, but I had enough of that silly shit on IRC back in the 90's.