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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Movie Night

At $9 For A Ticket, I Ought To Get A Handjob, Too...

Goin' out to the show after work... Haven't quite decided what to see yet.

The hard part is holding myself to a small bag of popcorn. I'm used to getting the 55 gallon mega-tub, or whatever the largest size is.

No butter, though. Not that it's really butter. I went to the flicks with Rockhauler one time, and the girl behind the concessions counter asked if he'd like butter on his popcorn.

Rockhauler replied "I"d love some butter on my popcorn!"

As soon as she put the bucket under the spout, Rockhauler started pitching a fit. "NONONONONOO!!!! Don't put that nasty stuff on my popcorn!!!"

Girl looks around, completely confused... "But.. but... you said you wanted butter!"

"Yes," replied Rockhauler, "But that's not butter! It's hydrogenated palm oil with fake butter flavoring!"

She was not amused, but I was. And, really, that's all that matters...