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Friday, November 06, 2009

Math Whiz Needed!

Higher Math Was Never My Strong Suit.
Mostly Because While They Were Teaching It, I Was Out Behind The Gym Getting Higher...

OK, anyone out there good at functions and/or Excel macros?

Here's the dealio...

Let's say, for argument's sake, that you weigh 1000 lbs. I know, you'd be as big as an elephant seal. Hell, you'd BE an elephant seal, but it's a big round number, and easy to multiply/divide.

Your goal is to reach 175 pounds, necessitating the loss of 825 lbs.

At 1000 lbs., your basal metabolic rate requires a daily intake of around 9400 calories to maintain that weight.

OK, you want to reduce weight, so you won't eat 9400 calories a day. We'll assume that you won't be burning any calories due to exercise at this point.

A pound of fat has an energy value of 3500 calories, more or less. Instead of eating 9400 calories a day, you only eat 5900 calories, giving you that 3500 calorie deficit.

In theory, you'd lose a pound a day on that diet. Assuming you didn't do any extra exercise, you'd expect a pound lost every day due to diet alone, and you'd reach your goal weight in 825 days.


Your basal metabolic rate is going to change on a daily basis! With each pound lost, your body will not need as many calories to maintain the current weight, so you cannot use the initial formula for the whole process.

What you need is a sliding scale that adjusts your BMR and your current weight, and matches that against your daily caloric intake so you'll know (roughly) how far away the endpoint is.

I have no freakin' clue how to do that sort of calculation...

I know I'm jumping the gun a bit and perhaps being overly optimistic about Project LOLA. For me, there probably will be no "End date", but a lifetime of reduced calorie intake, with more food allowed as I'm able to do more physical activity.

Still, I'd rather be looking ahead than looking behind me, so if you have any sort of clue how to make these calculations, drop me a line!

Muchas Gracias!