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Monday, November 02, 2009

Project Update

I Have No Clue How I'll Make It Through The Holidays...

It's Day 45 of Project LOLA. (Long Overdue Lifestyle Adjustment) I refuse to call it a diet, mostly because diet starts with "DIE", and that's what I feel like doing after throwing out all the leftover Halloween candy that didn't get handed out to the wandering munchkins on Saturday night.

Steve Graham of Tools of Renewal (formerly Hog On Ice) blogged often about making a huge pot of something delicious, then throwing it out after eating one serving. That always seemed a bit wasteful to me, but I'm beginning to understand. There's no use leaving something around that might slip past your temptation shield.

I'd thought about treating myself to JUST ONE of the fun-sized candy bars, but a glance at the nutritional label put the kibosh on that. That JUST ONE Mounds w/ dark chocolate had 75 calories in it. And no one can eat just one... I know, you can always adjust a meal later to allow for it, but if you bend just a little this time, next time you'll just be bending over and letting your bad habits have their way with you.

So, about half a pound of delicious coconut and chocolate candy resides in the bottom of the trash can. Sigh...

It's been a good week, all things considered. I had a slight bobble during the week, and learned that while sushi is delicious and mostly low-cal, once they start putting avocado and cream cheese in the sushi rolls, you might as well be eating a cheeseburger. Also, if they advertise a "Spicy Crab Roll" do a taste test BEFORE applying the wasabi. Usually "spicy" in relation to sushi means "slight tingle on tongue". This batch was apparently made using fire ant venom and napalm. And, of course, I'd slapped a good schmear of wasabi on every single piece. Ah, well. The amount of time spent sweating and wagging my tongue in the air probably burned a few calories...

Yesterday I had a delicious meal of Vietnamese food with the Cisco Kid. It had a name, but I'll just have to call it "#73 on the menu", 'cause I can't remember the Vietnamese words. Chinese broccoli and beef over seared flat rice noodles. Dee-lish. I didn't eat the whole plateful. Not because I didn't want to, but the damned noodles stubbornly resisted the efforts of both chopsticks and a fork. Slippery little bastards... There's a weight-loss idea. Food that actively evades you...