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Friday, November 13, 2009

The TimTam Slam

Temptation From Down Under

Way back when, I was a regular viewer of BBC America on cable TV. Lots of BritComs to watch, and I got pretty addicted to Ground Force, AbFab and Monarch Of The Glen. Mostly due to certain cast members...

There was a chat show called 'So Graham Norton', the titular host of which is gay as a tree full of parrots. It was a really funny & risque show, the sort of thing you'd never see in the USA.

Norton's interviewing Natalie Imbruglia one day, and she shows him something called a "TimTam Slam", which she promises is "orgasmic".

Basically, what you do is bite the corners off of a TimTam, (a chocolate-coated sandwich creme cookie) then use it as a straw to slurp up hot tea or coffee. When you feel the tea hit your tongue, you quickly pop the now-soaked cookie in your mouth before it collapses.

Watch the clip here:

It looked really tasty, but where in the world would you find an Australian cookie in Texas? So, I forgot about the TimTam Slam, and life continued.

OK, fast forward many years later, and I'm walking through a Walgreen's drug store. There before me on a display sits a big stack of TimTam cookies, offered as a holiday treat by Pepperidge Farm.

What to do, what to do... Damn this diet!

Yeah, I bought a package of TimTams. Just couldn't resist the urge. They're currently tucked way in the back of a file drawer at the office. I think I'll save them for a holiday soirée, and share them out with friends. That way I won't eat the entire f#&$^%ng package myself...