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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Almost There...

All The Shmoos Fat Tits For Rent!

I'm putting the finishing touches on another magnum opus of Photoshop Phoolishness. It ought to be up sometime on Friday. The more I learn about the process, the longer it takes to complete each picture. There's so much tweaking you can do, it's hard to say "Enough! It's finished"!

The other problem with learning a bit about photo-doctoring is that when you look back at some of the first 'shops posted here at Baboon Pirates, I just want to cringe. This horrible mashup of Elisson and a conehead... EWwww...

I'm also debating going back and redoing the Jimbo Fine Art series. I think they could be much better, but the humor might take a hit if they look too polished.

Anyway, stay tuned. This one ought to be pretty good, especially if you like Green Eggs and Ham!