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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Click The Pics For Closeups Of Caloric Overload!!

Last weekend was fun, but not an example of healthy eating. I doubt I gained any weight, but I sure as hell didn't lose any.

In addition to the chili-cheeseburger on Friday night, I broke my bread & hot dog fast and had a sammich and a cheesedog on lunch on Saturday. One of my rules is to eat what's served when visiting others, and that's what was on the menu. No chips, no cake, and mustard instead of mayo, so it could have been worse.

Can you say yummy? I knew you could!!

Dinner Saturday night I had a 12 oz. slab of prime rib and some grilled asparagus & a small Caesar salad. I'd planned on treating myself to a steak on my birthday in a couple of weeks, but I guess I jumped the gun a bit.

I did carve most of the fat off, for what it's worth.

The real blowout came on Sunday. I met a buddy of mine at J. Gilligans in Arlington (one of my frequent college hangouts) for lunch, and feasted on their Irish Nachos. Slices of 'tater covered in cheese, tomatoes, onions, sour cream & peppers and broiled till gooey! I only got the half-order. I was afeered that a whole order would make my head asplode!

It was so good, when it came time to take a picture of the mushroom cheeseburger, I was in such rapture over the cheese overload, I couldn't manage to focus the camera...

It's been 5 years since I ate at J. Gilligan's, and will probably be another 5 until I eat there again, more's the pity!

I'm back on the regimen now. Had a salad and cottage cheese for dinner. Not bad at all, but it sure doesn't come close to a bloody slab of dead cow.