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Monday, November 22, 2010

Another Wubbulous Weekend

I Cannot Drink Like I Used To!

OK, in restrospect, perhaps the J├Ągermeister shots were a bit excessive...

I began the weekend with no real plans other than to run a few errands and maybe see a movie.

Moseyed down to Collector's Firearms to make a payment on the latest Project LOLA dividend, (which will be revealed when I pay it off and bring it home!), then wandered over to Cigar Towne to hang out and watch some college football. Had a tasty stick from Pinar Del Rio, and tried the new Macanudo Cru Royale. I don't usually select Macanudo cigars, but this one was pretty nice.

Got home in the late afternoon and fired up Facebook. Saw a post from my college buddy Connecticut Yankee reading "Downtown Houston, plenty of supplies, going to be a LONG night!"

OK, had to go see what whas going on. I showered and spiffed up a little. Met ConnYank in the Hotel Icon bar, and he had already been sampling the wares, so I endeavoured to catch up with some Johnny Walker Black.

ConnYank was in town for a wedding, and after chatting in the bar, we went upstairs and met the bride & groom, and people kept handing me bottles of beer and shots of J├Ąger.

What's a polite guest to do?? I drank them, of course...

The next few hours kinda blurred a little. We wandered down Main Street to the Flying Saucer, and more beer was consumed. The only downside to going drinking in mixed company is that sooner or later, the women will insist on going dancing. For me, that was the time to exit stage left. I'm fine with sitting and pounding down the beer. Me on the dance floor? Imagine an intoxicated palsied walrus galumphing around...

So, I went back to the hotel with ConnYank so he could get out of his car a shitload of empty .357 cases for me to reload, and then drove him over to Sambuca or some other dancing/drinking venue before heading back to West Houston.

Drinking curtails your judgment. How do I know this? I had a cigar fired up the entire way home. Now my truck smells like a cigar lounge...

Sunday started out kind of slow. I wandered up to the Cisco Kid's casa and reloaded some ammo. Once you get the process figured out, it goes pretty quick. Having pre-primed cases also helps immensely. Loaded up 100 rounds of 185 grain jacketed hollow points for the .45 revolver in about 30 minutes, then went to an Indian buffet for lunch. Mmmm... Mutton Biryani! Saag Paneer! Unidentified veggie curry! *Burp*

Visited Shiloh Shooting Center after lunch. Nice place, but indoor ranges always leave me coughing up powder smoke afterwards.

The ammo shot perfectly. 6.6 grains of Bullseye under the 185 gr. hollowpoint put 'em exactly where I aimed. Can't wait to try the 300 grain bullets!

An hour or so lounging on the porch with a cigar capped off the afternoon. All in all, it was a nice preview of the upcoming 4 day weekend!