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Friday, March 04, 2011

More Old Photo Fun

What? You Expect Actual Content On A Friday??

Here's some fun pics from the "Dad Is 75 Years Old!" collection. Most of 'em will embigginate if you click on them!

Dad and his three brothers. With the sun at their backs, their scalps can signal Mars! (I'd laugh louder, but if I sat with 'em, we'd reach Jupiter...)

Dad's ship: The USS Norton Sound, AVM-1. A former seaplane tender converted to the Navy's testbed for guided missiles.

Typical day in the Navy for Dad - photographing missile launches! There's a pretty good chance that this shot was one of the X-17 missiles used to launch nukes into low-earth orbit.

Quite a few of Dad's photos have this on the reverse:

Me & my sister, Halloween 1977. My robot costume, and to do a witch, my sister came factory-equipped!! The robot looks kinda like Bender from Futurama...

The next summer: Posed in the Jamestown, Virginia stocks. If my parents had any clue about the next 10 years, they'd have driven off and left us there!

My sister and I outside the house. Probably 1985. Proof that I once had hair and a recognizable waistline!