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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Case Of The Giggles

More Randomosity From Sweat City

OK, before I begin, can we start by agreeing that the 1981 movie 'Heavy Metal' is essentially adolescent jerk-off material?

Oh, it's a cult classic, but let's be honest.  It doesn't hold together very well as a movie, the animation is 2nd rate at best, and if it wasn't for all the rotoscoped titties and the rockin' soundtrack, it'd be gathering dust on the remainder rack with 'American Pop' and 'Wizards'.

Last weekend, I'm flipping channels and drop in on 'South Park' right at the beginning to the episode "Major Boobage", their homage to 'Heavy Metal' and Eliot Spitzer.  It's a brilliant take-off of the movie, and I get a good laugh every time I see it.

Fast forward to Sunday evening, and I'm getting into my truck about to head home after an afternoon at the cigar shop.

This guy walks past, and he's probably in his early to mid-50's.  Receding hairline, more salt than pepper, and he's got an impressive spare tire preceding him.

And, of course, the neck tattoo.  Tucked in behind his ear is the "Taarakian Symbol" from 'Heavy Metal'.

Y'know, the one on the smokin' hot warrior babe?

Dude.  What have you done to yourself??

There's Fan-Boy-ism, there's wish-fulfillment, and there's just plain pathetic.  If you can't fit into the outfit, you probably ought to skip the tattoo...

I got a case of the giggles, and just couldn't quit.  Sorry, dude.  Just couldn't help it...