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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Poetry For @$$holes

Why?  Because I Care!

When, in the cause of immortal art;
thou wishest to enshrine the elusive fart,

You swaddle thy nethers in huge plastic bagges,
then consumeth thine weight in hard-cook'd eggs.

Wash the hen-fruit down with schooners of ale,
and forget not to slurpeth some clabber as well!

Dance for a day whilst rubbing thy belly,
ensuring the creation of thick colon jelly!

When intestinal pressure becomes too much to bear,
Lie thineself down with your legges in the air!

Inflate the bagges fully, and seal 'em up tight,
then send them to friends via FedEx Overnight!

Here endeth the lesson.  And likely, the friendships...